Health Reform Insurance Subsides Upheld in Recent Supreme Court Ruling

Supreme Court and ACA

On June 25th the Supreme Court handed down it’s ruling in King v. Burwell, which challenged who and who was not able to receive subsidies under the 2010 Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court agreed in a 6-3 ruling with the administration that low-and middle-income people who purchased health plans whether on the federal marketplace or their own state exchange were always both meant to be afforded access to the subsidies. READ MORE

Why do Employers Need a Good Broker?

Why Brokers Matter for Employers

Although it could be as simple as saying “Employers need a good broker to provide a strong, affordable, and legal benefits package to retain and recruit employees,” brokers have grown to become more than plan designer and salesperson. READ MORE

Employer Checklist: Choosing a Telemedicine Provider

Telemedicine Checklist

Telemedicine has one of the fastest adoption rates of any benefit that the health care arena has seen in a long time. According to a recent Towers Watson and National Business Group on Health annual survey just two year ago less than 10% of employers offered telemedicine and in 2014 over 28% of large employers added telemedicine to their benefits program. READ MORE

High Deductible Health Plans with Health Savings Accounts Can Work in Your Company


Open enrollment is only a couple months away and your planning may be beginning now for 2016.  As your company looks to contain health care costs, they may be considering a high deductible health plan (HDHP) with a health savings account (HSA) in addition to a traditional health plan or possibly in place of a traditional plan. Either case requires a new level of education and support to get everyone’s understanding of the value of this type of product. READ MORE

Still Considering Your Options on Your Company’s FSA Strategy?

FSA Trends in 2015

Since late 2013, employers of all sizes have been weighing the benefits, disadvantages, and options regarding one key piece of a benefits strategy. The flexible spending account, more importantly the rollover vs. grace period dilemma that comes with it, has been a major talking point for organizations of all sizes since the IRS announcement on October 31, 2013. READ MORE

Healthcare Brokers: A Checklist for Planning 2016 Employee Benefits

Broker Planning Checklist

By now, you’ve probably reached out to most of your group healthcare insurance clients to talk about their plans for 2016 employee benefits. We want to help make sure you’re covering your bases and addressing the key issues they should be thinking about. READ MORE


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