Webcast Recap: Member Retention or Bust

Engagement or bust Webcast Recap

If you missed our “Why Are We Still Talking About Engagement? Member Retention or Bust” webcast but are still looking to get the insights surrounding the industry today, you’re in luck.  Recently, we released this webcast for download, and today, are sharing the key insights below. 


How Health Plans Can Support The Second Annual Open Enrollment Season With Health Literacy Tools

Health Plans, Health Literacy and Open Enrollment

The Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplaces opened for business on November 15 for 2015 coverage, just days after The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) released a new-and-improved set of resources to help consumers understand their coverage options and make decisions during open enrollment. READ MORE

A Best Practice Approach to Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Best Practices

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) focus on workplace wellness has lead to revisions in the law and a good deal of discussion about program types and costs. As over 60% of Americans get their health insurance through their employers, it’s easy to understand why a strategy that has the potential to optimize the health of workers and lower costs is worth discussing. READ MORE

Brokers Point to Wellness Programs As A Wise Investment

Brokers and Wellness Programs

What are brokers telling their clients these days?  It seems like there is still a good deal of uncertainty surrounding the employer-sponsored insurance market. There are no easy answers for businesses as solutions can vary based on their size, employee demographics and experience, meaning good advice needs to be very customized. READ MORE

3 Guidelines For Offering Competitive ACA Payroll Support

Payroll Companies Continued Support

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has introduced complicated regulations affecting nearly all payroll functions, from payroll processing to tax reporting and depositing. READ MORE

Insurance Brokers Finding the New Normal in Shifting Environment

Brokers and the Changing Healthcare Environment

Health reform continues to change the day-to-day routines of health insurance brokers.  From health reform legislation requiring brokers to take on a new understanding of maximum out of pocket costs (MOOPs) and essential health benefits (EHBs) to the emergence of private exchanges; independent insurance brokers, general agents, and brokerage firms have had their work cut out for them.  READ MORE


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