The Power of the Consumer: Defined Contribution and Private Exchange

Defined Contribution Private Exchange Webcast

With employers looking for any way to reduce exposure to rising healthcare costs, many are putting employees in control of their own healthcare choices through a member-driven healthcare model.   READ MORE

Global Wellness Programs Require a New Approach

Global Wellness Challenges

The ACA has brought wellness programs to the forefront. For multinational companies wellness programs have several layers of added complexity that must be considered in order to provide a meaningful well-being program to employees in all countries. READ MORE

How Can a Benefits Department Prepare for Employee CDHP Questions?

Benefit Manager Answers for Employee CDHP Questions

What used to be a simple, two-prong decision—HMO vs. PPO—has grown to a much more labor intensive and research demanding decision.  For the roughly 149 million nonelderly Americans covered under employer-sponsored insurance, the selection of health benefits has moved from dilemma to complex decision, as many more options exist for consumers to pick what matters most to themselves and their families—consumer driven healthcare. READ MORE

Insights Into Employers’ Top Ways to Control Healthcare Costs

Controlling Healthcare Costs

In January, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) released findings from their annual Strategic Benefits—Health Care survey of HR professionals, which looks at the ways employers are addressing their rising healthcare benefits costs. READ MORE

It’s Time For Payers and Providers To Collaborate And Educate HDHP Patients

HDHP Payer Provider Cooperation

High deductible health plan (HDHP) conversations are extending to the payer-provider relationship. Continued adoption of these plans by employers remains as a forefront option for companies looking to control their health care costs. READ MORE

The HSA and 401(k): Partners in Investment

HSA and 401(k) Investing

More people are beginning to use their health savings accounts in conjunction with their 401(k)s to reduce taxable income and save for retirement. When HSAs were first introduced just over ten years ago, they were seen primarily as accounts that people with high-deductible health plans used for paying their annual qualified medical expenses. READ MORE


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