How Financial Institutions Can Capitalize on the $30B ‘Wealthcare’ Revolution

HSAs and Retirement

Everyone is talking about the rise of consumerism in healthcare—are you?  With twice as many employers offering High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) alongside Health Savings Accounts (HSA), the market has opened up for financial institutions to gain a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding HSA market—expected to reach $30B in assets this year. READ MORE

Helping Small Employers Find Success with their Self-Insured Plans

TPAs and Self Insured Employees

Under a self-insured healthcare plan, an employer pays for most of their employees’ premiums and contracts with a TPA to handle any number of administration services, instead of transferring the risk to an insurance company. READ MORE

Controlling Employee Benefits Costs with Technology

Automating Employee Benefits with Technology

One of the best ways for businesses to reduce their administrative costs associated with employee benefits is to automate as many of the processes as possible. READ MORE

Savings: The Most Overlooked Word in Health Savings Account

Investing HSA Funds

It comes as no surprise that many Americans are concerned about retirement.  Diligently putting money into 401(k) or any other form of retirement savings account, many still miss one key ingredient that could offer not only tax benefits, but sustainable growth well into retirement. READ MORE

Top Five Consumer Strategy Points for Today’s Healthcare Executives

Consumerism and Healthcare Strategy

It’s time to put the consumer squarely in the center of every healthcare executive’s conversation when it comes to his or her organization’s future strategy. Surveys are indicating that consumers want more information, more convenience and better service. And like the old adage goes “there’s strength in numbers.” They now have the volume to be heard loud and clear. READ MORE

4 Priorities for Healthcare Insurance Professionals Supporting Public Exchanges

Brokers and ACA

During the 2015 open enrollment period, nearly 11.4 million signed up for coverage or re-enrolled in marketplace plans. READ MORE


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