The Delayed Retirement Dilemma

Postponing Retirement health benefits

How does a delay in retirement affect benefits like Medicare? According to a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the answer depends on how retirement affects a retiree’s health. READ MORE

Various Exchange Types Offer Solutions for Employers

Types and benefits of different exchanges

The exchange spectrum has grown to be included in many conversations among individuals, employers, the federal government, etc. Over the past couple of years with the introduction of the public marketplace, the increase in online decision and support tools, and the need to control healthcare costs, exchanges have gained more popularity and entered the radar of employers.  READ MORE

Benefit Considerations During Mergers and Acquisitions

MErger and Acquisition Benefits Considerations

Just as most businesses involved in the health sector have been impacted by the ACA, so have benefit professionals and brokers. We recently looked at the ACA effects on union and employer collective bargaining practices in this new environment. Benefit professionals also have an expanded role in mergers and acquisitions now in light of following healthcare reform guidelines. READ MORE

Benchmark Study: Employers Share FSA Decisions and Strategies

FSA Trends

Organizations are split on whether they want to adopt the rollover option for their health flexible spending account or provide the grace period—51% vs. 49% respectively, according to our latest survey. But why are some employers prone to adopt a rollover option while others are staying with the 75-day grace period? READ MORE

ACA Provisions Require Collective Bargaining Changes

Collective Bargaining and ACA

Throughout the years employers and unions have dealt with contract negotiations through a collective bargaining process. Part of their discussions would include benefits like health insurance coverage, criteria for which employees were to be covered and what kind of health plan would be offered. In recent times, with the implementation of the ACA, the collective bargaining process has been made much more challenging. READ MORE

Forecasted 2016 Medical Cost Trend Lowest Expected in the Past Decade

Medical Cost Trend

 In the 10th anniversary edition of the “Behind the Numbers” report, PwC’s Health Research Institute forecasts its lowest medical cost trend in the past decade. The healthcare growth rate or medical trend is expected to be slightly lower at 6.5% compared to last year’s projection of 6.8%. READ MORE


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