Private Exchanges Deliver Savings on Employer Benefits Programs


Employers of all sizes and industries are exploring the use of private insurance exchanges, where employees shop for their health coverage and other ancillary benefits, choosing the plans that best fit their budgets and needs.  READ MORE

How Private Exchanges Are Reshaping Employer-Sponsored Healthcare

Employer Sponsored Healthcare

A recent survey from Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that of the 2.5 million people who enrolled through private exchanges in 2014, 1.7 million were group enrollees. What does this say about the role private exchanges will play in reshaping employer-sponsored healthcare?  READ MORE

Opportunities for Financial Institutions to Increase HSA Adoption

HSA Opportunities Financial Institutions

Financial institutions offering HSAs have a momentous opportunity to increase business in the form of new customers and more assets under management. READ MORE

Webcast to Explore Today’s Engagement and Member Retention Challenges

Health Plan Engagement Strategies

An October webcast and panel discussion sponsored by the Healthcare Trends Institute will take a close look at one of healthcare’s most talked about topics: engagement, and why it’s critical for succeeding in an increasingly consumer-driven marketplace.  READ MORE

How HDHPs Are Changing Patient-Provider Cost Conversations

HDHPs Change Patient Provider Conversations

High deductible health plans gained attention from insurers years ago. Since then, they’ve hit the main stream as most employers today offer at least one among other group healthcare coverage options, queuing patients to ask more questions regarding procedure costs.  READ MORE

HSA Growth By The Numbers: Investments and Contributions

HSA Contributions And Investments

The clear trend among employers has been to begin offering employees a health savings account (HSA) with a high deductible health plan. But why is this the case? READ MORE


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