4 Healthcare Trends Behind the Newest Healthcare Solutions

Trends in Healthcare Tech

Tech startups around the world are developing tools that enhance people’s experience with healthcare. For consumers, they’re tackling everything from helping people find providers to taking their medications. READ MORE

The Power of HSAs for Retirement Savings

HSA and Retirement

Everyone is often so busy with their day-to-day tasks that it’s hard to think past what you’ll be doing tomorrow, let alone 20 or 30 years from now. But this interesting statistic about retirement will give you moment to pause. READ MORE

Create Organizational Sustainability With An Employee Benefits Strategic Plan

Employee Benefit Planning Strategy

Many companies may feel they just got through the implementation of their 2015 benefits and can breathe a sigh of relief. However, due to the fiscal realities of healthcare costs and new ACA compliance and reporting standards your organization’s future financial performance may be impacted in ways you need to be prepared for.  READ MORE

Infographic: Defined Contribution and Private Exchanges in 2015

Defined Contribution and Private Exchange

How familiar are you with defined contribution health benefit plans (DCPs) & private exchanges?  This is a question at the top of the minds of employers across the United States, who in a constant quest to manage costs while still providing employees a fair selection of benefits options, have sought information on the topic and look to adopt this option in coming years. READ MORE

Innovative Tools Meeting Healthcare Consumer and Provider Needs

Healthcare Tools

The healthcare tech space is churning out innovations in almost every direction—and change is happening fast. Established technology companies and countless startups are applying their cutting-edge technology to improve people’s experience healthcare as well as providers’ delivery of services. READ MORE

Bridging the Gap Between Broker Services and Employer Needs

Communication between Brokers and Clients

Brokers: Are you supporting your clients effectively? Better question: Do your clients think that you’re supporting them effectively?  According to recent research, there appears to be a fundamental lack of communication, and some of your employer clients may feel shorted.



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Defined Contribution and Private Exchange Trends
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