Riding the Consumerism Wave to Minimize Healthcare Cost Increases

Consumerism and lower healthcare costs

One of the biggest worries among employers at the dawn of the Affordable Care Act could be summed up into one question: “How much will my costs rise?”  Yet, in light of recent data, these concerns may have been unjustified.


Year-End ACA Numbers Stack Up for Health Plans

Open Enrollment Health Plans

While some uncertainty currently surrounds the Affordable Care Act (ACA), consumer interest has been very strong during the second open enrollment period, which started Nov. 15 and ends Feb. 15, 2015. READ MORE

Understanding the Different Types of HSA Users

Different HSA Users

Health savings accounts have been on the market for over ten years now, and financial institutions are still finding them to be a growing source of new customers and revenue. READ MORE

5 Initiatives for the Evolution of Wellness Programs

Wellness Evolution 2015

Wellness programs have been an important piece of the entire healthcare puzzle for years, keeping the 80% of employees responsible for 20% of healthcare costs from joining the ranks of ‘chronic’ or ‘catastrophic’ risks categories.  But now, employers are seeing that wellness is a piece of a larger puzzle: Health Management. READ MORE

Top Healthcare Consumerism Resolutions for Health Plans in 2015

2015 Healthcare Consumerism Resolutions

Health plans are among the most powerful drivers of “healthcare consumerism” today. Healthcare buyers in the employer and individual markets have come to expect a higher degree of choice, transparency, service, and value than every before. READ MORE

Voluntary Benefits – the Right Option for Employers and Employees

Voluntary Benefits

A voluntary benefits strategy offers employers an important way to give their employees an array of options to meet their needs. If done through a private exchange with a defined contribution plan, it also allows employees to meet their budgets as well. READ MORE


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