Healthcare Trends Institute Announces Winners of HealthDifference Awards

HealthDifference Award Winners

After much debate, our judges have selected the winners of the first annual HealthDifference Awards, and today, we are sharing with you the leaders in healthcare and employee benefits for the year 2014.  See the winners below, and learn how you can win the 2015 awards. READ MORE

A TPA’s Guide To Healthcare Benefits Administration Technology (Part 2)

Benefits Administration and TPAs

Part 2: What’s In A Best-in-Class Solution? 

Investing in a new benefits administration technology platform is a great way to take your organization’s healthcare products and services to the next level. READ MORE

Top Six Health Plan Strategies For The Future

Health Plan Strategies

Health Plans have had to work hard in this era of health reform. The provisions set forth in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) required the restructuring of not only benefits, but also minimum medical loss ratios, guaranteed issue, and community rating provisions along with a variety of new reporting rules. READ MORE

Experts to Share Healthcare Benefits Trends to Watch in 2015

Healthcare Benefits Trends Webcast

This coming February, the Healthcare Trends Institute will be sponsoring a webcast to discuss the results of a national survey regarding healthcare benefits trends, including defined contribution plans, insurance exchanges, wellness plans, and related topics. Panelists from industry leading companies will provide insights into trends that influence the rapidly changing healthcare benefits industry. 

Learn more about the upcoming Healthcare Benefits Trends to Watch in 2015 webcast below. READ MORE

A TPA’s Guide To Healthcare Benefits Administration Technology (Part 1)

Sharpening Competitive Edge with Technology

Part 1: Sharpening Your Competitive Edge
Considering making a healthcare benefits administration tech investment in 2015? As a TPA, you need to make sure your technology supports your organization’s growth strategy while aligning with customer needs. READ MORE

Technology, Economic and Healthcare Factors Impacting Future Workplace Trends

Economy, Tech, and the Future of The Workplace

Understanding the workplace environment in terms of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has its importance for many reasons, as at least 60 percent of Americans have employer-sponsored health plans. Yet, there are other reasons it’s interesting to consider workplace dynamics and take a look at possible future trends. READ MORE


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