How Can Wellness Networks Help Achieve Employee Health Goals?

Wellness Networks

Ever heard of a wellness network?  It’s a term you might start to hear around the office. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has helped to increase awareness of wellness programs within organizations, even expanding the parameters for employer grants and employee incentives for participation. READ MORE

How Some State-based Exchanges Are Ramping Up Their Enrollment

State Exchange Enrollment Efforts

When the public exchanges launched last year, states who opted to create their own exchanges approached enrollment through a variety of different strategies. Some more successful than others.  READ MORE

Highlights and Insights from 2014 HSA Trends Webcast

HSAs Highlights and Insights

During last month’s webcast “The Rise of HSAs: Past Present, and Future Trends,” benefits experts Roy Ramthun, Founder of HSA Consulting Services, and Chris Byrd, President and COO of Evolution1, discussed the evolution of health savings accounts (HSAs) and opportunities for companies to maximize their benefits programs in the age of private exchanges and consumer-driven healthcare. READ MORE

Advancing Your HRA/HSA Health Plan Strategy


The market for defined contribution healthcare solutions is expanding, as employers need more affordable ways to provide their employees with healthcare benefits. READ MORE

Tips for Brokers During Open Enrollment

Broker Open Enrollment Communication

With so much confusion about the ACA swirling from both employers and employees, there is little argument that this year’s open enrollment will be busy time for benefits brokers, who often serve as the primary source of education for healthcare consumers. READ MORE

EHRs and Digital Healthcare in Today’s ACA Environment

EHR Electronic Health Records

Shopping, news, research, business and marketing are all sectors that have been on the information technology bandwagon for some time now. READ MORE


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