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Operating a green business is not only good for the environment but good for your business's bottom line because conserving resources and cutting down on waste saves money.

Did you know…

The average office worker in the United States uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year?

That’s four million tons of copy paper used annually
Which roughly translates to 96 million trees

The average American uses 18 cubic feet of wood and 749 pounds of paper each year?

That’s equal to a 100-foot tree with an 18-inch trunk
And with 312 million people in the United States, that’s a lot of trees!

Evolution1 is committed to continually driving greater convenience and automation into its products, which also helps eliminate manual, paper-based products. For example, each paper communication costs approximately $1.85 (including time, paper and postage). By leveraging Evolution1 technology to send electronic statements, notifications and updates, you can save significant time in your business and enable your employer clients to do the same.

You also can increase your market presence and competitive power by passing a portion of your “green savings” on to your customers. See these examples of how Evolution1 (formerly Lighthouse1) partners leveraged the Lighthouse1 platform to offer tiered pricing to their clients based on win-win commitments to go green.